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V Steam For Women With Endometriosis

DIY V-Steam
Nicole Kruck, LMT
Nicole Kruck, LMT
A vaginal steam (V-Steam) is an effective and relaxing way to promote reproductive health. The V-Steams are ph balanced to help the body naturally cleanse the vaginal and uterine linings in a safe and gentle way. The warm steam and natural essential oils from the plants nourish and tonify the vaginal and uterine tissues. While improving circulation, the steams alleviate symptoms caused by, or related to, congestion in these tissues.
Benefits of a V-Steam include:
  • Menstrual support:
  • Clears dark menstrual blood from the beginning or ending of the cycle
  • Dysmenorrhea (painful periods aka cramping)
  • Irregular periods
  • Stop and start periods
  • Endometriosis

    Vaginal disorders:

    • Yeast infections and other vaginal bacteria
    • Support for Cervical Dysplasia
    • Vaginal dryness and painful intercourse
    • Vaginismus

      Fertility Enhancement:

      • Increases cervical fluids
      • Helps relax the vaginal canal and cervix
      • Nourishes the and tonifies the uterine lining

        Assisted Fertility Cycles:

        • Increases the effectiveness of assisted (IVF, IUI, Donor). Please Note: consult an Arvigo Practitioner before using steams during these cycles!

        Avoid V-Steams if:

        • You are pregnant
        • After ovulation (if attempts have been made to conceive)
        • If you are bleeding heavily
        • During the full flow of period
        • You have an acute infection
        • You have vaginal sores or blisters

        V-Steam Directions:

        Clean out your toilet well. Find a medium sized bowl (Pyrex, ceramic, metal) that will fit just “over the water line” about an inch or two over the waterline so no toilet water will enter into your bowl. Also you don’t want the bowl too close to the toilet seat and your bottom.
        1. In a medium covered pot, pour 8 cups of water (preferably purified water).
        2. Place one handful of fresh herb(s) or 1/4 cup dried into the water.
        3. Bring water to a soft boil for 5 minutes.
        4. Turn of the heat, leave the lid on and steep for another 5 minutes with the lid on.
        5. Pour 4 cups (half) of water into the bowl you have placed in your toilet.
        6. Wave your hand 8-10 inches over the herbal water to make sure it is not too hot.
        7. Remove you underwear and sit on the seat above the steaming water.
        8. Drape a large blanket or sheet around your waist down to the floor making sure no steam escapes.
        9. Make sure you keep yourself warm, keeping something on your feet (socks, slippers) and neck. You do not want any cold to get into your body while you are trying to warm it.
        10. You should feel a warm, rolling heat for about 10-12 minutes.
        11. When the steam dies down dump the water into the toilet. Starting with step #4 begin the second dosage. If it has cooled too much reheat but test again before sitting over the steam.
          While you steam: Relax have some tea, light some candles, meditate, or put on some peaceful music. This should be a relaxing experience. After your steam we suggest that you keep yourself warm and rest. Avoid any type of sudden cold or drafts to your body.


          Do not be alarmed if some debris, or spotting occurs after the steam it is a natural cleansing. You may also experience changes in your discharge and menstruation. If you have any major concerns please contact an Arvigo Therapy Practitioner or your doctor. The V-Steam is a traditional home remedy that has been practiced around the world for centuries. Please be cautious if you suspect you have any of the contraindications listed above and wait to do the steam.
          Special Notes:
          • It is very important to test the temperature of the steam before using. If it is too hot wait 15 seconds and test it again until it feels comfortably warm to steam with.
          • Do not add or use “essential oils” they are too strong and may burn sensitive genital tissue.
          • It can temporary increase menstrual flow with more dark fluids or debris. Menses may start earlier than usual due to the cleansing effect.
          • Plants: Dry or fresh plants are suggested. Also, if possible, use organic plants. Many plants you find on your spice rack are perfect. Most commonly used are basil (move fluids), rosemary (anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-microbial), oregano (antiseptic, antispasmodic, expectorant), calendula (anti- inflammatory), motherwort (tonifies, cramping, infections), mugwort (all purpose), marigolds (same properties as calendula).
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