Friday, June 7, 2013

Organic is the way to go for endo.

Okay so someone's feelings got hurt over me posting information that I found on the internet. I Research information about endometriosis that I find  and also personal treatments I have experienced. The Blog is to help women who suffer from this horrible disease I make absolutely no money at all form the information I post I am simply trying to help Endo suffers. All of the information I find is free for all to copy and share as they wish I am only interested in helping women who know the pain and loneliness of endometriosis I am not trying to gain anything only to help with the information I find. So I will update and reword the information provided. So sad!  
My Dr. told me that  excess estrogen contributes to unnatural growth. The overabundance of estrogen is said to be cause by xenoestrogens, compounds that mimic estrogenic effects in the body. Xenoestrogens are found in milk and meat products so try to eat organic only. Try to find a natural doctor or a doctor who believes in alternative medicine.

The way that I naturally cured my endometriosis
  • Acupuncture
  • Eating only organic
  • Avoiding all Xenoestrogens
  • Controlling candida overgrowth
  • Controlling inflammation
  • Bio identical Progesterone treatments from my Dr.
  • I stopped  oral contraceptives
  • My organic raw unpasteurized apple cider vinegar "with the mother" mix 1 glass of water with two tablespoons of raw unpasteurized apple cider vinegar mixed in twice a day helped with Candida and inflammation. Remember it has to be the raw unpasteurized apple cider vinegar with the mother in order to receive the health benefits.

Good luck loves! I wish you all the best on this journey. I no longer suffer after being tormented for 14 years from this sickness I am finally free!

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